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Have you or a loved one suffered an injury in an accident due to another party’s negligence? You may be entitled to seek compensation by taking legal action. Flanagan Law has the experience and legal knowledge necessary to help you pursue a fair settlement that goes well beyond what insurance companies will initially offer. We offer dedicated services in a number of practice areas, including car accidents, premises liability cases, and trucking company accidents.

Contact our Commerce City-based law offices to schedule a free case evaluation with personal injury lawyer Samantha Flanagan to discuss your case in more detail today. Not only is the consultation free, but you won’t owe us a dime in legal fees if we can’t win a settlement for your case. Call us at 720-928-9178.

How We Can Help You?
How We Can Help You?

When Should an Accident Victim Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer in Commerce City?

The first thing you should do after an accident is to assess whether you’ve been badly hurt. If there were other victims in the accident, check on them, too, if possible.

If you were in a car accident, call the authorities and await their arrival. Then, get medical attention, regardless of how minor your injuries might first appear. And do not try to assure other parties that you are okay or offer apologies as if anything was your fault.

After medical professionals have examined you, call a personal injury lawyer to discuss your case. The sooner a lawyer can review the facts of your accident, the sooner they can build a solid case that backs up your claims. Don’t wait; there is a statute of limitations for personal injury claims, and you want the details to be fresh.

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Do You Need to Hire a Commerce City Personal Injury Lawyer for Your Case?

While it is true that you do not need to retain legal counsel for an accident case, it’s strongly recommended that you do so for several reasons. For one, no injured victim should have to deal with insurance companies and the legal system while they’re still recovering from a severe accident. Your lawyer can handle that responsibility for you. Also, you have a much better chance of recovering maximum compensation for your claims with a professional legal team in your corner.

In some cases, a victim may share some or all of the fault for an accident. In such instances, you want a lawyer on your side to defend your interests. Otherwise, the case could go sideways for you, and the financial recovery you think you’ll receive could be the money you end up owing.

Meet The Attorney
Samantha Flanagan

Flanagan Law was founded by Samantha Flanagan, who grew up with a strong passion for justice and equality. While raised in a small town in eastern Nebraska, Samantha grew up with strong principles of community. Her love of legal-themed television shows inspired her to pursue a law degree. In moving forward in her career, Samantha took her values of trust, respect, and responsibility with her to become a successful law graduate.

Samantha became interested in personal injury law from her own experiences. She has seen firsthand the debilitating and traumatizing experiences that come from personal injuries and knows how scary these injuries can be. From these experiences, Samantha felt drawn to helping others with personal injuries by representing them legally.

She takes great pride in relieving some of the pressure and worries that come with claims so clients can focus on feeling better. Samantha has helped to bring relief to many personal injury clients, becoming a support system for these individuals and making them feel more empowered.

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How Does Negligence Lead to Personal Injuries?

A negligent party’s actions can lead to some of the worst accidents and injuries. A slip and fall accident is often the result of property owners or managers who fail to address a wet floor or other hazardous conditions. Many bicycle accidents and motor vehicle accidents are the result of distracted driving.

As members of this society, we assume the responsibility to look after the safety of others. This duty of care extends from landlords to business owners, truck drivers to pedestrians, and surgeons to construction workers. A single moment of negligence can injure ourselves or others. These injuries may result in the need for long-term medical treatment and reduced income capacity. If you can prove another party’s negligence was the cause of your injury, you may be entitled to damages for medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering caused.

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Highly Qualified Choice
Flanagan Law’s founder and lead attorney, Samantha Flanagan, is an exceptionally accomplished legal mind well-versed in personal injury law in Colorado. Her experience and connections in the legal and medical fields make her a highly qualified choice for your personal injury accident case needs in negotiation and litigation, if necessary.
Client-Focused Legal Representation
At other law firms, you might have to speak to a dozen people before getting your personal injury lawyers on the phone. At Flanagan Law, you have a much more direct line to your lawyer. We’re a relatively small firm, but that smaller size allows for more personal, client-focused legal representation.
Free Initial Consultation
Flanagan Law offers a free initial consultation to clients with questions and concerns about their accident claims. We want you to always feel comfortable and content with your legal representation. We are happy to do the research and networking necessary to answer all inquiries relating to your case.
No Legal Fees if we Don’t Win
We understand you may hesitate to hire a lawyer because of the expenses. Remember that a legal representative dramatically increases your chances of recovering a fair settlement. Additionally, we work on a contingency fee basis, meaning that you won’t owe us legal fees if we don’t win.
We Believe in supporting Colorado Charities
In addition to providing prospective new clients with a free consultation to discuss their legal options, Flanagan Law is proud to donate a portion of lawyer fees to charity from every case we settle. At our law firm, we believe in giving back to Colorado and doing what we can to help people.
At Flanagan Law, we bring more than 20 years of experience to our personal injury firm located in Colorado.
At Flanagan Law, we bring more than 20 years of experience to our personal injury firm located in Colorado.
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What Type of Compensation Could You Hope to Recover with a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

As your lawyer, Samantha Flanagan will study the evidence, review police reports, examine medical records, and seek the testimonies of eyewitnesses and specialists. With a well-constructed case, the attorney will seek economic and non-economic damages. In some cases of extreme negligence and intentional cruelty, punitive damages may also be sought.

Economic damages may include compensation for past medical bills, future medical treatment, lost income, loss of earning power, property damage, and physical therapy. Non-economic damages may include financial recovery for emotional distress, loss of companionship, disfigurement, lost quality of life, and pain and suffering.

If you tragically lost a loved one in an accident, we would file a wrongful death claim on your behalf. No money can ever bring your family member back, but it can hopefully reduce the burden of some expenses, including funeral costs.

Schedule a Free Consultation with Personal Injury Attorney Samantha Flanagan Today

Flanagan Law is in the community of Reunion in Commerce City, Colorado. Our law firm is located a short 8-minute drive from Fronterra Park, approximately 20 minutes from Fairfax Park, and 27 minutes from the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge. Denver International Airport (DEN) is only 14 minutes from our law offices.

At Flanagan Law, our client’s health is our top priority. We offer direct access to an attorney who is compassionate about your well-being and legal success. In addition to providing legal representation, we offer our clients our network of medical professionals in case they need better care.

Attorney Samantha Flanagan and her legal team bring over 20 years of experience to our Colorado law firm.

Flanagan Law offers free case reviews, and you won’t pay legal fees if we don’t win your case.

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What happens if you do not win a fair settlement in my case?

If the law firm is unable to secure a settlement for your case, you don’t owe us a dime in legal fees. Flanagan Law operates on a contingency fee basis which simply states: Don’t Pay Unless We Win. While we are confident that if we decide to take your case, we can bring it to a satisfactory conclusion, there are no guarantees. But we will not ask you to pay for legal services that fail to recover financial compensation for you or your family.

Should I seek medical treatment after a car accident even if I don’t feel hurt?

Yes. Let us repeat that so that it sinks in: yes, you absolutely should seek medical attention after a car accident, regardless of how good you may feel in the immediate aftermath. This may be vitally important to your car accident claim. Some injuries take time to manifest. Suppose you did not seek medical care after the accident, and the injuries develop later. In that case, the insurance company may claim that the injuries are unrelated to the accident, and your claim could be dismissed.

Will my personal injury case go to trial? Will a judge and jury decide my fate?

It is doubtful that your case will ever go to trial in a Colorado courtroom. Most personal injury cases are settled out of court long before the trial date. However, there are exceptions. If there is an extreme disconnect in relation to the facts at the heart of the case or some other legal issue, it may be necessary to bring the case to trial. If you do have to appear in a courtroom, don’t panic. Your lawyer will help prepare you.

Is Colorado a comparative fault state?

Yes. Some states are no-fault states, but Colorado is a comparative fault state. What this means is that more than one party may be considered at fault for an accident. For example, even though you may be the injured victim of an accident, it’s possible that you held partial or equal blame for the accident occurring. If you were 30% responsible while the other party was 70% responsible, then the compensation and damages will reflect that. This means that those who are held partially accountable may receive a smaller settlement.

Do I need to pay medical bills and other expenses myself until the case is resolved?

Unfortunately, yes. Until liability is firmly established, all costs relating to the accident must come out of your pocket. Later, if your case successfully secures a settlement, you will recover the money you initially had to spend. Thankfully, there is MedPay. Similar to the personal injury protection (PIP) coverage in other states, MedPay insurance helps victims settle certain expenses following an accident. Unfortunately, MedPay does not offer all of the same benefits as PIP, as MedPay does not cover lost wages.

What is the statute of limitations for a personal injury claim in Colorado?

For most personal injury cases, medical malpractice claims, product liability cases, and wrongful death claims in Colorado, the statute of limitations is two years. This means that if you do not file a personal injury claim within two years of the accident, your claim may be dismissed. Exceptions apply, however. Car accident victims have a three-year window in which they may file a claim. If a government entity is to blame, the claim must be filed within 182 days of the accident, or it will be dismissed.

What if an insurance adjuster tries to contact me following an accident?

An insurance adjuster may contact you following an accident, perhaps early enough to arrive at the scene of a car crash. You do not have to speak with insurance adjusters. They may be insistent about the importance of their role or come across as friendly and sympathetic. But their job is to reduce the insurance company’s payout to accident victims. Anything you say can be used against your claim. Insurance adjusters or other representatives of other parties should talk to your lawyer rather than you.

I need money now. Should I accept the insurance company’s initial settlement offer?

We understand that accepting an offer can be tempting, especially if money is tight after an accident. But please keep in mind that insurance companies will almost certainly lowball you with their initial offer. The initial offer is never as high as they’re willing to go, and they most likely can be talked into providing more compensation in negotiation. Instead of accepting the offer, consult with a personal injury lawyer with experience in cases such as yours. We can help you get more.




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