About Flanagan Law

Flanagan Law was founded by Samantha Flanagan, who grew up with a strong passion for justice and equality. While raised in a small town in eastern Nebraska.

Samantha grew up with strong principles of community. Her love of legal-themed television shows inspired her to pursue a law degree. In moving forward in her career, Samantha took her values of trust, respect, and responsibility with her to become a successful law graduate.

Samantha became interested in personal injury law from her own experiences. She has seen firsthand the debilitating and traumatizing experiences that come from personal injuries and knows how scary these injuries can be.

From these experiences, Samantha felt drawn to helping others with personal injuries by representing them legally. She takes great pride in relieving some of the pressure and worries that come with claims so clients can focus on feeling better.

Samantha has helped to bring relief to many personal injury clients, becoming a support system for these individuals and making them feel more empowered.

While her focus is on personal injury cases, Samantha also offers general representation for other cases. She knows that Colorado law can be confusing and hard to understand, so she offers free initial consultations to ensure all questions get answered.

When not helping to support and empower her clients, Samantha enjoys spending time with her husband and spunky stepdaughter. She loves hiking local trails and enjoying the Colorado scenery. Samantha is proud to have her personal injury firm focused on local Colorado areas, giving individuals the attention and time that they deserve to make sure they get the support they need. Samantha finds that her firm is a way to give back to Colorado communities, as she can help individuals to feel more empowered and supported.

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View the profile of Colorado Personal Injury - General Attorney Samantha C. Flanagan
View the profile of Colorado Personal Injury - General Attorney Samantha C. Flanagan
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Flanagan Law: Community Driven

Samantha also prides her firm in giving back to the community directly, through charity donations.

She believes that charity is important, and can help build up communities. She is honored to be part of such a beautiful area full of inspiring individuals.