Premises Liability

Premises Liability Lawyer in Commerce City, CO, Aggressively Representing the Legal Rights of Injured Victims

If you or a family member was harmed on the property of a business or privately owned property, you may have legal options for recovering financial compensation. A premises liability accident refers to the duty of care that property owners owe to all lawful visitors, customers, and employees. Suppose that duty of care is violated — e.x. If negligent security guards led to an assault or if hazardous conditions were ignored on business property and a child was injured — a personal injury attorney can help you seek damages.

Premises liability claims can be challenging to argue in court. This is partly due to the need to establish negligent property owners were directly responsible for the accident. And partly because the law wants to support businesses at every opportunity, and sometimes that comes at the cost of the consumer’s safety. That’s why it’s vitally important that a premises liability accident victim retain the services of experienced legal professionals.

Attorney Samantha Flanagan prides herself on providing her clients with compassionate, comprehensive legal representation. Injured and grieving clients should not have to fight the insurance company or prove their case in court while recovering. As your legal counsel, Samantha Flanagan will fight tirelessly for your rights in pursuit of justice and fair compensation.

What Are Various Examples of Premises Liability Cases?

There is no shortage of examples of premises liability cases. Wherever there are properties that invite visitors, there is a potential for a property’s dangerous conditions to injure or maim a visitor. These accidents may require medical treatment for injuries and therapy for emotional distress.

Flanagan Law represents premises liability cases such as:

  • A restaurant or bar which does not consider the ramifications of dangerous or negligent service.
  • A superstore like WalMart with wet floors that are left unmarked, leading to a slip and fall accident.
  • A swimming pool with no locked gates is dangerous to children.
  • Accidents in hotels and luxury resorts.
  • An amusement park ride which a maintenance company has not properly serviced.
  • Cruise ships without proper safety measures for paying guests.
  • Escalator accidents due to defective machinery.
  • Grocery stores that are not watchful for icy sidewalks.
  • The landlord of an apartment building doesn’t replace the inadequate lighting on the stairs, resulting in someone tripping down a staircase.
  • The parking lot of a shopping mall has poor lighting and absent security measures, leading to assaults at night.
  • Toxic fumes on a construction site make workers ill.

Who May Be Held Liable for Damages in Premises Liability Accidents?

A business owner, store owner, or company manager could be held liable for unsafe conditions causing an injury on their property. Similarly, private property owners, such as a landowner or landlords, may be held responsible if their negligence leads to the injury of their visitors or tenants.

A victim has the burden of proving that the negligence of the property managers led to their injuries. The property owners must have known about the hazard and done nothing about it in a reasonable amount of time. And it must be shown that the owners should have reasonably anticipated an accident.

Can a Government Agency Be Held Liable?

Colorado has restrictions on suing school districts, libraries, police and fire stations, and other government entities. Many cases against a public entity are disregarded because of sovereign immunity claims.

If you have been injured on a government-run property, you must consult an experienced lawyer about your premises liability case.

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You may be entitled to a sizeable financial settlement if you or a family member have been injured on someone else’s property. Complex premises liability cases should be handled by someone other than novices in the legal system or by lawyers inexperienced in these types of cases. Flanagan Law has the experience necessary to guide your case through the labyrinth that is personal injury law.

With a solid premises liability claim, attorney Samantha Flanagan will argue for maximum compensation for injuries or wrongful death. This financial recovery may never reverse the harm done. But it can go a long way toward relieving the burden of medical expenses, lost wages, and other pain and suffering.

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