FAQs Frequently Asked Questions – Serious Injury Bicycle Accidents

Does Flanagan Law specialize in serious bicycle accident cases?

Yes, the firm specializes in representing cyclists injured in serious bicycle accidents.

Can Flanagan Law help with legal claims after a serious bicycle accident?

Yes, the firm can assist you in securing compensation for your injuries and damages.

What are common causes of serious bicycle accidents, and how does Flanagan Law handle these cases?

Common causes include distracted driving, failure to yield, and speeding. The firm collects witness accounts, traffic camera footage, and accident reconstruction data to establish liability.

Does Flanagan Law represent cyclists who have sustained catastrophic injuries?

Yes, the firm has extensive experience representing cyclists with catastrophic injuries.

Can I recover compensation if I was partially at fault for a serious bicycle accident?

Yes, compensation may still be possible if the other party shares fault.

Does Flanagan Law work with other professionals on serious bicycle accident cases?

Yes, the firm collaborates with medical experts, accident reconstruction specialists, and more.

Does Flanagan Law negotiate settlements or take serious bicycle accident cases to trial?

The firm is prepared to negotiate settlements or pursue a trial when necessary.

Can Flanagan Law handle multiple claims in a serious bicycle accident case?

Yes, the firm can handle multiple claims if more than one cyclist was injured.

Does Flanagan Law provide consultations for serious bicycle accidents?

Yes, the firm provides thorough consultations to evaluate your legal options.

How can I contact Flanagan Law for assistance with my serious bicycle accident case?

Contact Flanagan Law to schedule your free consultation.