The Colorado and Nebraska civil law systems can seem overwhelming or difficult to manage, which is why it’s important to have a qualified attorney by your side. At Flanagan Law, we make sure you get the help you deserve. Our attorneys have many years of experience working on cases of personal injury and contract review. With flexible consultation times, as well as a free initial consultation, we can make sure you get the right services for your needs. We also offer general representation for you no matter what sort of legal issues you are having.

Unlike other Colorado and Nebraska law firms, we work on a local level, making sure you always have access to our qualified and experienced attorneys. We at Flanagan Law make sure you can speak to our attorneys whenever you need, and that all of your questions get answered right away. Going through a lawsuit can be stressful, especially in cases of personal injury. We want to make sure you get the help you deserve. No matter what sort of case you’re needing litigation of, our team can help. Your Colorado and Nebraska personal injury attorney will work hard to make sure you get compensation, as well as medical help in the cases of personal injury. For contract review, or general representation, our knowledgeable lawyers will work with you to answer any questions, as well as move forward in a successful direction.

Our founder, Samantha Flanagan, is driven to help local Coloradans and Nebraskans get the legal counsel that they deserve. With her experience as a personal injury attorney, she will make sure you get proper representation in court, as well as help you to navigate Colorado and Nebraska law successfully. With our services ranging from personal injury litigation to general representation or legal counsel, we know that we can help with any sort of legal problems you may be having.

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Personal Injury

Personal injury cases range from car accidents to slip and fall to wrongful death. While all of these cases range in their scope and size of the injury.

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