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Shannon G.

I have so much to say I will attempt it focused. I have been working with Samantha for months now and she is amazing and goes above and beyond. I was leaving the country indefinitely and got hit from behind shortly before I took off. She handled everything and gave me representation in the states when I was away. The insurance company also tried to get me to just take a settlement. As I was leaving the country indefinitely and didn't want to deal with billing internationally, while traveling with no consistency on tretaments. I was seriously debating taking it, luckily I spoke to her. She informed me of how much recovering fully could cost even if on the lesser side and their offer wouldn't have barely covered anything! So I would have had to come out of pocket or worse not addressed it and had issues the rest of my life. In addition she was my representation locally while I was away. Then a chiropractor told me that they could just bill my insurance directly after finding out I had a case open, which I thought was great because didn't have to wait to get reimbursed. What he didn't tell me was that it would max everything available immediately taking away from other treatments I was doing. If you have been injured you need representation and you need the right representation. Call Samantha, she is knowledgeable, timely, caring and gets stuff done. Including making sure I keep up with what I am supposed to do! Guaranteed she'll take great care of you.
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